Thursday, July 26, 2012

Now Is The Best Time To Join My Team!

Now is the best time to join my team! Along with having access to the StartSwell Incentive, you will also have access to the August Sales Incentive! 

When you hold parties between August 1st-15th, you will be eligible for two great rewards that can give you more products to add to your collection.  If you have $500 in sales, you will qualify for the August Incentive.  You will receive a special selection of new fall products valued at $350 for FREE!  If you have $1000 in sales, you will get a bonus to your incentive worth $200 for FREE!

This is a great time to join my team and start your business off right!  Don't wait to join-August is right around the corner!!

Discontinued Items from the Summer Catalog

With the new Fall Catalog coming out for September, Thirty-One is introducing the largest amount of new items/patterns they ever have!  Which means they will also be getting rid of a LOT of items and patterns from the current catalog.  Take a look here to see what will no longer be available after August and make sure to get your order in for those items you want!

If you have any questions about anything, feel free to ask!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

August Special Sneek-Peak!

Hello everyone!  I just wanted to give you all a sneak peek at the August Special!  And if you book a party between August 1st - August 14th,  you can get an awesome surprise deal from me!

August Customer Special

This special is introducing the NEW Spirit Purple and the NEW Spirit Cinch Sac!  All of the items in the Spirit Collection will now be available in purple.  For every $31 you spend in August, you will be able to get any Spirit Collection item for 50% off!  Personalization is only $5 this month, along with the NEW Icon-It for only $5 (will normally be priced at $10) that can be paired with your embroidery!  This is a new type of personalization in which you can add a basketball, soccer ball, crown, flower, football, or volleyball.  There will also be 3 new thread colors coming out-burnt orange, forest green, and maroon! 

So for all those LSU fans out there from my state of Louisiana-make sure you get your order in for the new Spirit Purple items and personalize them with yellow thread!!

Monday, July 23, 2012

My First Team Member!

Hi guys!  Today I recruited my first team member!  I'm excited to welcome her and I'm excited to welcome anyone else who would like to become part of my team!  I would like to share with you the benefits for becoming a Thirty-One consultant. 
  • You earn 25% commission of everything you sell.  And the higher you get promoted, the more raises you get! 
  • You have the opportunity to work with some amazing and supportive women who just want you to succeed.  
  • This is your chance to have your own business and you control how far you succeed in it.  
  • You control your own hours-meaning you can choose how much time you get to spend on yourself and your family.  
  • In order to stay active, you only need to have $200 in sales every rolling three months.  This is so easy to do!!  Especially when one qualifying party is at least $200.  
  • Once you sign up, you get an amazing starter kit that you can use for yourself and your parties.  This kit includes some amazing bags to get you started along with some business supplies such as catalogs, order forms, flyers, etc.  This kit is valued at over $300 and you get it for only $99!!  You get a choice between the brown kit (left) and the black kit (right).  Both include the same items, just different prints.
    Brown Kit
    Black Kit   

  • Another great thing about being a Thirty-One consultant, is that there is opportunity for advancement.
  • There are always incentives to sell, such as the current startswell program for new consultants!  This is a program designed to help you succeed in your first 90 days.  The more parties you have, the more you are rewarded!

  •  You have the opportunity to meet new friends, find new ways to grow personally, financial rewards, or just to support your own Thirty-One habit!
  • The products are so great they practically sell themselves!
  • Personalization is available on most products.  This is a great selling feature!
  • When you enroll, you get a website and e-newsletter for FREE for your first 3 months! After that, you can decide to keep it for a small fee ($9.95/mo for the website and $3/mo for the newsletter) or you can opt out of having it. 
  • You will have a casual work atmosphere surrounded by friends.  It's a party!
  • You can do online parties or catalog parties with e-invitations and online customer ordering capabilities in case you find yourself too busy to have home parties.
  • There are so many special rewards and discounts.  There are Dream Rewards incentives to earn Free Conference Bucks, Gift Cards, Disney trips, Cruises, etc. (It can honestly work for you! My sponsor just recently found out she got rewarded a paid trip to Cancun for her and her husband!!)
  • Bi-monthly commission checks.
  • FREE amenities at Celebrate and Connect Meetings as well as FREE catalogs and mini catalogs!
  • You can set up at fairs and festivals.
  • There are TONS of resources available to you for support and training.
  • Thirty-One can be whatever you make of it-a hobby, part-time job, or career!
  • There is no pressure at all! You will only be encouraged!
  • There is no penalty or fee if you decide to get out of the business!  You have nothing to lose by trying!!
All this being said, please take the time to consider joining my Thirty-One team and thinking about why you would be interested.  If you have any questions, or would like to join my team, don't hesitate to contact me!!


Thursday, July 19, 2012

My Online Launch Party!

Hey everyone! I have my online launch party going on right now and for everyone who places an order TONIGHT will be put into a drawing for a surprise FREE product if I can get up to $150 in sales!!! Hurry and start shopping ladies! You don't want to miss out!!

To start shopping just go to and then click on the My Parties tab.  From there just make sure to click on the party that has my name (Nicole Crochet) and you will be able to view all the products and place an order!


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Uses For Thirty-One Products

Wondering what you can use some of the Thirty-One products for? There are so many different uses for different products, so I have created a list to help you out!  Keep these ideas in mind when looking through the catalog and placing an order!

Mini Zipper Pouch
Mini Zipper Pouch

Change/quick cash
Insurance cards, IDs, etc.
Makeup to go
Tooth Fairy
Hair accessories
Spare pacifiers
Medical kit
Batteries and camera
Gift with gift card
Bridesmaids gifts
Time-of-the-month accessories
Contact solution and case

Fold-And-Go Organizer
Fold-And-Go Organizer

Grocery shopping-lists, coupons, pens, calculator, shoppers cards, etc.
Bill payment organizer
Diaper and wipe holder-travel wipe case in middle and diapers in the side pocket
Hold your Nook

Organizing Utility Tote
Organizing Utility Tote

Diaper bag
Gardening supplies
Game storage-Wii console and games inside, cords and controllers in pockets
Scrapbook organizer
Mobile office
Beach/pool bag
Snack pack
Kid’s Go Bag-toys, books, etc.
Bride’s tote for wedding planning supplies and day of beauty gear
Teacher’s tote for grading papers, dry erase boards, markers, erasers, etc.
Knitting/crochet bag
Cleaning supplies
Art supplies
Hair tote
Small home electronics
Picnic tote
Kids clutter organizer for the car
Gift wrap caddy
Hospital waiting room bag
Tool bag
Game bag-board games inside, card games in pockets
Overnight bag
Home emergency kit
Housewarming/wedding gift with home essentials inside
Pet supplies
Laundry bag
Toy organizer
Cheerleading/dance supplies

Littles Carry All Caddy (Collapsible for easy storage!)
Littles Carry All Caddy

Bridesmaids gifts-fill with makeup or bath gifts
Teacher gifts
Nursing moms-discretely hide your pumping supplies while at work
Easter/Christmas baskets
Hold cookies, muffins, etc.
Hold tissue box and germ-x

Large Utility Tote (Collapsible for easy storage!)
Large Utility Tote

Shopping bag-save trips from the car!
Trips to the park-picnic basket, balls, snacks, first aid essentials, etc.
Bringing large amounts of food to meetings
Beach trips-towels, thermals, beach toys, etc.
Storage-toys, games, clothes, supplies, etc.
Gift bag-college student essentials, newlyweds, housewarming, get well soon, new moms, etc.
Laundry-can use to carry folded laundry
Game day-thermals, camera, blanket, gear, snacks, etc.
Scrapbooking and other crafts
Car storage for travel-magazines, books, chargers, cameras, ipods, thermals, etc.
Gym/pool bag

XXL Utility Tote Set

XXL Utility Tote Set

Car organizer
Craft organizer/storage
Clothes storage

Thermal Tote
URU Thermal Tote

School/work lunch
Snack bag while driving, kids play dates, pool, etc.
Snacks at sports games
Nursing moms who pump at work
Cooler for grocery store
Wine or other beverage tote
Medicines while traveling
Pool bag for wet swimming suits
Fishing, hunting, etc.-snacks
Picnic for two

Mini Utility Bin (Collapsible for easy storage!)

Mini Utility Bin

Toilet paper storage
Store hand and face towels
Line with trash bag and use as a trash can
Teacher gifts
Toy holder

Mini Organizer

Mini Organizer

Home office organizer-pens, paper clips, papers, etc.
Bath essentials-soaps, shampoos, bubble baths, washcloths, etc.
Diaper organizer-diapers, wipes, diaper cream, lotions, baby powder, etc.
Kids art organizer-crayons, paper, stickers, etc.
BBQ-spoons, forks, ketchup, sauces, napkins, etc.

Expand-A-Tote Day Extender
Expand-A-Tote Day Extender

Pool/beach supplies
Hospital bag for soon-to-be moms

Small Magazine Basket
Small Magazine Basket

Photo props for newborn sessions
Hold toilet paper rolls and magazines in bathroom
Easter baskets
Craft basket-you can put rolls of ribbon on the handle

Cinch Sac
Cinch Sac

Hunting necessities
Daddy diaper bag
Bridal bag
Trick-or-treat bag
Hiking bag
Emergency supplies bag
Snack bag
Cub/Girl Scout bag
Gym bag
Dance bag
Overnight bag
Book bag
Swim/beach bag
Toy bag
Softball/baseball/soccer/cheerleading bag
Sneaker bag
Library bag

All-In-One Organizer

All-In-One Organizer

Library books
File folders
Toys in vehicle
Stroller organizer
Egg and bread grocery bag
Art supplies
Wii components and remotes
Cleaning supplies
Gym bag
Pool/beach tote
Easter basket
Car/day trips-snacks, drinks, toys, etc.
Game day supplies-snacks, drinks, gear, etc.

Square Utility Tote

Square Utility Tote

Smaller books
Pillowcases in linen closet
Light bulbs, batteries, flashlights in closet
First aid kit
Laundry supplies
Missing sock bin
Homework collection
School supplies
DVD storage
Produce bag for farmers market or garden
Hand towels
Junk collector
Medicine basket
Snack basket

Rosette Clip

Attach to any Thirty-One purse or tote
Worn as brooch on blazers, hats, coats, etc.
Shoes-such as ballet flats
Attach to headbands

These are just some of the ways you can use Thirty-One products.  What are some ways you use your Thirty-One item?  Leave a comment and let me know!

Thirty-One's July '12 Back to School Bonus!

Check out this amazing back-to-school bonus for July! This is an amazing way to take the opportunity for the July specials this month and I know quite a few moms with school-aged kids who could really benefit from this!

July Specials

This month, July has some amazing customer specials! For every $31 you spend, you get the choice of one out of five different items for only $5!! Personalization is also only $5 this month!! Hurry up and place your order before the month is over and this deal is no longer available!

Welcome To My 31 Blog!

Hi, everyone!  Thank you for taking the time to check out my new blog and new business!  I hope this gets you interested in Thirty-One Gifts.  I will be posting about specials, parties, benefits of joining Thirty-One or hosting your own party, updates on products, ideas on ways to use products, personalization ideas, pictures, as well as information on some of my favorite products!

Thirty-One offers amazing items and most can be personalized-all for a reasonable price!  I absolutely love the items and all the different uses for them.  They offer stylish and functional purses, totes, thermals, organizers, and accessories.  Believe me when I tell you, Thirty-One will simplify your life!!  You do not want to miss out on their products and all the opportunities and rewards Thirty-One will give you!

For those of you who do not know me, here is a little background information.  I am from Louisiana and I have two boys-Lucas (Luke-18 months) and Logan (due August 9th).  My husband is in the Army National Guard and he also works at a casino in our area.  Living with all males has definitely kept my hands full-so thank God for 31!  

I decided to become a Consultant for Thirty-One because I wanted to take a load off my husband and earn some extra income while still being able to spend time at home with my family.  I heard about it online and when I seen the products I fell in love.  I was contacted by my Senior Director and I asked her all sorts of questions before signing up.  I did research on it and found it was all legit, so I decided, why not give it a try?  I heard so many success stories that I had to try it out because I didn't want to have to wonder "what if".  I had thought about it for a while before signing up and finally just decided to jump in and do it!  I got online, ordered my kit, and very impatiently waited for it to come in the mail.  I was like a kid on Christmas when it finally arrived!
My Kit!

I'm so glad I gave it a shot and I can't wait to share this journey with you all!  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me! (Thirty-One really will simplify your life!!)