Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Thank the Troops! - Operation Zipper Pouch

I want to do something to say thanks to the troops who are currently deployed. And I think I have a cute idea! We sell these really cute Lil' Expressions Mini Zipper Pouches that you can personalize with characters to represent your family (big and small) and you can put either the names under each character or you can put a saying under the characters. I am asking that everyone please purchase one and personalize it with your family characters (or you can even put snowmen!) and either put your names under each character or a phrase such as "Thank You!" or "The Crochet Family". You can put up to 6 people/pets/snowmen, up to 12 letters under each person, and up to 45 letters if your putting a phrase. These are $12 and personalization is $7, so a total of $19 before tax and shipping. (And don't forget, fo
r the month of September every $31 you spend you get any item at 31% off!) You can purchase as many as you would like. I will have an event on my website where you can place your order called "Operation Zipper Pouch" at under the My Parties tab. Or you can just let me know exactly what you would like and I can put in the order for you if you would rather. When you get to the shipping part, you would click the box that says ship to hostess (which will be me and I will ship all the zipper pouches at once overseas). I think this would be an amazing way to thank the troops "personally" and it would really mean a lot to them to know that YOUR family is supporting them. They need little reminders like this while they are overseas. So please, purchase a Lil Expressions Mini Zipper Pouch and let's give a personal thank you to the troops!!

Pink Platoon, Now Shipping: APO/FPO

  I am so very excited to announce that we are now shipping to APO/FPO addresses!!!!  I can now also have people overseas with ties to the military join my team!!!!

Thirty-One is celebrating our community of consultants and families that serve in the military.  They appreciate your service and your contributions to our freedom. This is their way of supporting you on your military bases-whether it be in the United States or abroad!

I've Got Something Special For You!

  I'm always looking to add more and more people to my growing team.  So as a little extra something special, I am going to personally purchase a set of product tags for every new person who joins my team for the month of September!!  These product tags come in handy, believe me!!  And they do NOT come in your enrollment kit!  I've heard a lot of people say they wish these came in the kit, and I have to agree that it would be very helpful to have them.  So what are you waiting for??  We just came out with a new catalog, so everything you get will be new and won't be discontinued for a while.  You get to set your own hours and be with your family.  You will earn money to help pay bills or just have some extra spending money for yourself.  And you get to meet an amazing group of people!! Also, you would be signing up at the start of the biggest shopping season of the year, so your business would be sure to kick off!! 

I look forward to hearing from you! ;)

Whew! What a month!

  Sorry I haven't posted anything new in a while!  I've been sooo busy with new parties, getting a lot of things organized, the new fall catalog coming out, and not to mention Hurricane Isaac that came through recently.  My town wasn't hit bad because we were right on the edge of it, but I did take my two boys and stayed at my mom's house just in case our electricity went out, since she has a generator.  My husband was activated for the storm and was gone for a few weeks.  Everything is just now starting to get back to normal lol.  I'll be posting updates on some new things so be on the look out!! :)