Monday, July 23, 2012

My First Team Member!

Hi guys!  Today I recruited my first team member!  I'm excited to welcome her and I'm excited to welcome anyone else who would like to become part of my team!  I would like to share with you the benefits for becoming a Thirty-One consultant. 
  • You earn 25% commission of everything you sell.  And the higher you get promoted, the more raises you get! 
  • You have the opportunity to work with some amazing and supportive women who just want you to succeed.  
  • This is your chance to have your own business and you control how far you succeed in it.  
  • You control your own hours-meaning you can choose how much time you get to spend on yourself and your family.  
  • In order to stay active, you only need to have $200 in sales every rolling three months.  This is so easy to do!!  Especially when one qualifying party is at least $200.  
  • Once you sign up, you get an amazing starter kit that you can use for yourself and your parties.  This kit includes some amazing bags to get you started along with some business supplies such as catalogs, order forms, flyers, etc.  This kit is valued at over $300 and you get it for only $99!!  You get a choice between the brown kit (left) and the black kit (right).  Both include the same items, just different prints.
    Brown Kit
    Black Kit   

  • Another great thing about being a Thirty-One consultant, is that there is opportunity for advancement.
  • There are always incentives to sell, such as the current startswell program for new consultants!  This is a program designed to help you succeed in your first 90 days.  The more parties you have, the more you are rewarded!

  •  You have the opportunity to meet new friends, find new ways to grow personally, financial rewards, or just to support your own Thirty-One habit!
  • The products are so great they practically sell themselves!
  • Personalization is available on most products.  This is a great selling feature!
  • When you enroll, you get a website and e-newsletter for FREE for your first 3 months! After that, you can decide to keep it for a small fee ($9.95/mo for the website and $3/mo for the newsletter) or you can opt out of having it. 
  • You will have a casual work atmosphere surrounded by friends.  It's a party!
  • You can do online parties or catalog parties with e-invitations and online customer ordering capabilities in case you find yourself too busy to have home parties.
  • There are so many special rewards and discounts.  There are Dream Rewards incentives to earn Free Conference Bucks, Gift Cards, Disney trips, Cruises, etc. (It can honestly work for you! My sponsor just recently found out she got rewarded a paid trip to Cancun for her and her husband!!)
  • Bi-monthly commission checks.
  • FREE amenities at Celebrate and Connect Meetings as well as FREE catalogs and mini catalogs!
  • You can set up at fairs and festivals.
  • There are TONS of resources available to you for support and training.
  • Thirty-One can be whatever you make of it-a hobby, part-time job, or career!
  • There is no pressure at all! You will only be encouraged!
  • There is no penalty or fee if you decide to get out of the business!  You have nothing to lose by trying!!
All this being said, please take the time to consider joining my Thirty-One team and thinking about why you would be interested.  If you have any questions, or would like to join my team, don't hesitate to contact me!!